We believe every school has a story to tell.

Our team specializes in working directly with school leaders to assess current programs and launch new ones. From student recruitment plans to family engagement programs, and everything in between, we are committed to ensuring you have the support and resources you need to build a thriving school community.

School Marketing Audit

Sometimes just figuring out where to begin is the hardest step. Our Professional Services team offers a simple Marketing Audit Service to evaluate all of the components of your school’s current marketing plan. Whether you are trying to recruit new families or decrease attrition, we’ll provide a recommendation and simple action plan aligned with your school’s goals.

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Brand Identity Development

A strong brand conveys the essence of your school and influences how you connect with your families. Our Professional Services team works directly with school leaders to create new brands and refine existing ones. From logo development to design and story creation, we deliver a brand identity which reflects your mission and ensures consistency across all channels of communication.

School Marketing Plan

Is enrollment a priority for your school this year? From student recruitment programs to community outreach and social media support, our Professional Services team helps school leaders more effectively define and promote their educational programs to increase reach and engagement in their communities.

*Language translation services available.

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Strategic Communications

Today’s families have a wealth of resources at their fingertips, and yet many schools struggle to communicate the benefits of their program and how it is different from others in their community. Our Professional Services team has an extensive background in public relations and content strategy development to help increase awareness of your school programs.

Startup Projects

Looking to launch a new program or custom project? Our Professional Services team is composed of charter school founders who understand what it takes to open a new school. We are also a team of entrepreneurs and can assist with the development of pilot projects and new programs. Let us help you take an idea and turn it into reality!

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Virtual Townhall Events

Hive Digital Minds has partnered with leading technology provider, Broadnet to bring best of class townhall services to our K12 communities. These virtual events allow you to connect with your entire school community to share information and gather feedback from thousands of families in real-time.

Request a Proposal

Learn more how our Professional Services team can help your school more effectively reach, connect and engage all members of your school community.

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