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Our team specializes in helping school leaders assess current programs and launch new ones. From student recruitment plans to family engagement programs, and everything in between, we are committed to ensuring you have the support and resources you need to build a thriving school community.

Brand Identity

A strong brand conveys the essence of your school and influences how you connect with your families. Our Professional Services team works directly with school leaders to create new brands and refine existing ones. From logo development to design and story creation, we deliver a brand identity which reflects your mission and ensures consistency across all channels of communication.

SkyView Brand Guide graphic.png

SkyView Academy
Brand Guide & Messaging Strategy

As founders of SkyView Academy, a charter public school which opened in 2010, our challenge was to create a simple and consistent brand identity and messaging strategy we could use across all our communication mediums. Serving families from preschool thru high school, we sought to create a reference guide we could pass off to the future leadership team which would ensure high integrity of the SkyView brand.

Our team created the initial SkyView story – vision, mission and founding principles. We worked with our creative designer to develop the school logo, color palette and school mascot. All of these elements were pulled together in a SkyView Brand Identity Guide which continues to be used today to ensure consistency in communications across the school’s entire PK-12 program.

PRA Brand and Timeline Wall.png

Platte River Academy
Timeline Story

Platte River Academy is a K-8 charter public school located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. With their 20-year anniversary celebration on the horizon, the leadership team was looking for a creative way to share its rich history with their school community.

Hive designed a Timeline Wall to replace several school bulletin boards in the main corridor of the school.The Timeline Wall highlights the school’s beginning in 1998 and showcases several key milestones, ending with a photo of their 20-year celebration. An unexpected benefit – the students have enjoyed learning about the history of their school as much as the parents and visitors!

“The staff at Hive is incredibly knowledgeable, responsive and a lot of fun to work with. Our board, parents, staff and students loved working with them and felt heard and valued.”

– Alan McQueen, Director of Innovation, Platte River Academy

School Marketing

Today’s families have a wealth of resources at their fingertips, and yet many schools struggle to communicate the benefits of their program and how it is different from others in their community. From student recruitment programs to community outreach and social media support, our Professional Services team helps school leaders more effectively define and promote their educational programs to increase reach and engagement in their communities.

*Language translation services available.

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Academy of Advanced Learning

Student Recruitment Plan

The Academy of Advanced Learning (AAL) is a K-8 charter public school in Aurora, Colorado. During the school’s startup years, their founding team was looking for assistance in developing a comprehensive student recruitment plan in preparation for their opening in 2018. The challenge – building awareness around school choice in a diverse urban community.

Our team at Hive collaborated with the founders of AAL for several months to develop the school’s brand identity, recruitment materials and campaigns. The end result – an integrated student recruitment plan focused heavily on grassroots efforts, volunteers and community partnerships to help spread the word about AAL and the unique characteristics of the school.

“Hive Digital Minds made all the difference. Because of their expertise in communications and marketing, we were able to attract over 500 families to our new charter school in Aurora. We simply would not have been able to open with our budgeted enrollment projection without them.”

– Mike Miles, Founder and CEO Third Future Schools

DCSD flyers.png

Douglas County School District

School Marketing Plan


Click.Eat.Go. was a new lunch program which provided an option for families to pre-order a sack lunch as an alternative to a hot lunch. DCSD was seeking assistance in the launch of a Click.Eat.Go. pilot program at three elementary schools.

Hive’s professional services team collaborated with staff from Nutrition Services to develop all promotional materials for the Click.Eat.Go. program. We also worked directly with school leaders from each of the pilot schools to develop an integrated school marketing plan to increase awareness of the lunch program and participation from students at each school.

School Websites

Your school’s website is typically the first impression for a prospective family, employee or donor. How you choose to tell your story, both visually and contextually, is critically important in the early stages of building relationships with these individuals. With numerous tools available to schools, our Professional Services team has experience with multiple website platforms and can help you develop a needs assessment, recommendation and long-term website strategy which effectively meets your budget and available resources.

NSA website.png

North Star Academy

School Website & Promotional Videos


North Star Academy is a K-8 charter public school located in Parker, Colorado. The school desired a new school website which more effectively showcased their charter education and service learning programs and also met ADA compliance requirements.

The school selected Edlio as their website platform. Hive worked with the team at Edlio to create a new design template and updated content structure for the school’s website. Additionally, Hive partnered with a local media production company to create a suite of promotional videos which highlight the school’s unique characteristics.

SVA Website.png

SkyView Academy
PK-12 School Website

SkyView Academy is a PK-12 charter public school located in a suburb south of Denver. The school’s IT department was tasked with designing a new school website which had a more professional look and feel, simplified navigation and was mobile responsive. SkyView partnered with Hive to build a custom school website.

SkyView’s challenge was primarily due to the large school community it served – staff and parents in preschool through twelfth grade. Our recommendation included an increased focus on prospective families, so they could easily learn more about the school program relevant to the age of their child and opportunities to visit the school to learn more.

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