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What's Your School Buzzin' About?

Solutions to help you reach new families, streamline communications and positively impact student engagement.

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Engage Every Student

Research highlights the positive impact family engagement has on individual student outcomes including higher grades, better social skills and an increased likelihood of graduation. But it doesn’t end there. 


Schools with strong family and community engagement programs also benefit from improved school climate, stronger school and classroom programs, better family services and support, increased parents’ skills and leadership, more family connections, and more support for teachers' efforts.


At Hive Digital Minds, we’ve been collaborating with school leaders for over 15 years. Learn how we can help you increase engagement and build a thriving school community.

Professional Services

Sometimes just figuring out where to begin is the hardest step. Our team specializes in working directly with school leaders to assess current programs and launch new ones. From student recruitment plans to family engagement programs, and everything in between, we are committed to ensuring you have the support and resources you need to build a thriving school community. Learn more about our services.


K12 School Solutions

SchoolBzz is a universal parent app which organizes information from the front office, teachers and group leaders in one place. By consolidating many of the common tools used in our schools today, we save teachers time and make it easier for parents to know what’s happening at their child’s school. Learn more about SchoolBzz.

Virtual Townhall Events

We have partnered with leading technology provider, Broadnet to bring best of class virtual townhall services to our K12 communities. We offer full-service support of your virtual event from beginning to end, providing you with a hassle-free experience, guaranteed to achieve success. Schedule a virtual event today.

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Our Monthly Blog

Given the current climate of our education system, having an effective family engagement strategy is critically important. Our monthly newsletter shares the latest buzz on strategies, tools and resources to help you build a thriving school community. Read our latest blog on family engagement.

“When you create an environment designed to support success,
you never know who you’ll inspire.”

– Hive Founding Team