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What's Your School Buzzin' About?

Solutions to help you streamline school communications, increase family engagement and positively impact student outcomes.

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Engage Every Parent

Research indicates one of the best predictors of student success is the extent to which families involve themselves in their child’s education. How can we help support learning at home?

Professional Services

As parents, entrepreneurs and charter school founders, our team has been actively collaborating with school leaders for over 15 years. From brand identity projects to website development and communications plans, our Professional Services team is your partner to help create a thriving school community. Learn more about our services.


K12 School Solutions

SchoolBzz is a cloud-based platform for K12 schools which simplifies how information is shared with families – eliminating teacher websites, reducing email and replacing messaging apps. By consolidating many of the common tools used today, we save teachers time and make it easier for parents to know what’s happening at their child’s school. Visit our SchoolBzz website to learn more.

Virtual Townhall Events

We have partnered with leading technology provider, Broadnet to bring best of class virtual townhall services to our K12 communities. We offer full-service support of your virtual event from beginning to end, providing you with a hassle-free experience, guaranteed to achieve success. Learn more.

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“When you create an environment designed to support success,
you never know who you’ll inspire.”

– Hive Founding Team